Once upon a time, in a place far, far away, there was a species of plant called cannabis. Cannabis had been cultivated for centuries before… and it would continue to be cultivated for centuries to come. The year was around 3,000 BC. 

Cannabis grew all over the world, and with few exceptions it was naturally high in CBD and naturally low in THC. And cultures from all over the world praised this special plant for its versatility as everything from food to textiles to medicine. Hemp was taken on as a near-synonym for cannabis, particularly well suited to describing its textile uses. 

Farther down the road, though, humans began to cultivate hemp for certain properties in favor of others, and before too long the plant’s precise balance of natural compounds was adulterated. 

This new form of hemp was dubbed ‘marijuana’ by frightened government officials, who wished to maintain their own agricultural interests and thus keep the public’s opinion towards every type of hemp firmly within their own control… 

Hemp vs Marijuana

To this day, the hemp vs. marijuana demarcation remains. It’s not the most botanically accurate distinction in the world, but it’s still in use — so it’s probably still important to understand. 

While hemp and marijuana both refer to subspecies of the cannabis plant family, they each fit different fundamental archetypes. 

The biggest difference between them? Hemp is genetically predisposed to produce large amounts of CBD and not so much THC, while marijuana is genetically predisposed to produce large amounts of THC, and not so much CBD. 

So while hemp and marijuana look similar, their physical and mental effects are actually worlds apart! Below are some of hemp and marijuana’s biggest differences:


  • Cannabis Sativa
  • High in CBD 
  • Low in THC (below .3%)
  • Moderately rich in terpenes
  • Peaceful, Balancing
  • Few (if any) side effects


  • Cannabis Sativa
  • High in THC
  • Low in CBD (usually)
  • Very rich in terpenes
  • Exhilarating
  • Potential side effects

All of the products we offer fall firmly into the hemp category; the lists above make it easy to see why! Hemp provides users virtually every benefit of marijuana without the uncontrollable side effects. 

That’s all thanks to CBD, of course. Once thought to be an inactive component of hemp, CBD is now acknowledged as being one of the most powerful cannabinoids in any type of cannabis. 

And because all of our CBD products are derived from lab-tested, organically-grown hemp, everything contains .3% THC or less — fully non-intoxicating, and fully in line with the Federal Farm Bill. 

Some of our products, like our Sleep Capsules and their proprietary blend of CBD, Valerian, and melatonin, are even completely THC free. They’re a perfect choice for users who undergo frequent drug tests or find themselves especially sensitive to THC. 

Hemp: Our Singular Source

While other companies might source their CBD from the leftovers of marijuana extraction, not us. Every single milligram of CBD we offer our customers comes from hemp that was organically grown by family farmers in the fertile soils of Kentucky. Everything is standardized, everything is premium, and everything is accounted for. This is why Kentucky Crafted was recently backed by the US Hemp Authority. 

To put it simply, we believe hemp should stay true to its high-CBD roots. That’s why we proudly grow all of our hemp according to nature’s original design, right here in Kentucky, the birthplace of American hemp. 

Are you ready to discover what CBD, the natural world’s most prominent plant compound, can do for you? If so, consider Kentucky Crafted.