Your body is more valuable than you think. 

Just imagine: messages travel throughout your nervous system at hundreds of miles an hour. Thousands of mitochondria within almost every one of your 30+  trillion cells produce energy. In the brain, 100 billion neurons keep track of it all. And — though this one is more subtle— the human body even gives off its own light. 

Your body deserves the best, even in a world full of synthetic supplements and artificial foods. It’s because of this truth that you choose to eat healthy, exercise, and take CBD.

But the unregulated state of the hemp industry means that even CBD isn’t totally safe. Many CBD companies allow harmful additives to make it into their products…additives that go against the very CBD they’re promoting!

Even a company’s choice of carrier oil is vitally important. The right oil can boost CBD’s absorption rate and provide its users with steady energy. The wrong carrier oil, on the other hand, can trigger an anti-inflammatory response and actually make CBD less effective. Let’s take a closer look…

Carrier Oils: What They Are, What They Do

A carrier oil is simply the non-active oil base of a CBD oil. Even strong CBD oils contain less than 10% CBD (and more than 90% carrier) by weight, which is done by design. Some common carrier oils include olive oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil. 

Why not simply take CBD by itself, you may ask? For one, it would be thick and sticky and practically inedible, especially if left in the fridge. 

More importantly, it’d also be less effective. That’s because the right types of dietary fats actually boost CBD’s absorption. Like vitamin A or D, cannabidiol itself is fat-soluble, which means it blends perfectly with fats — the more saturated the fat, the better.   

Normally saturated fat gets a bad rap, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There’s one type of saturated fat that the body metabolizes better than virtually all others. That leads us to something called MCT oil…

The Specialized Carrier Oil We Choose

At Kentucky Crafted, we don’t use any one of the three common carrier oils mentioned above. Instead, we strategically infuse our CBD into an oil made from pure medium-chain triglycerides. Though MCT oil is a saturated fat, it’s actually metabolized in the liver as if it’s a carb. Along the way, MCT oil travels through the digestive tract. Here’s what the science says: 

“In essence, the shorter chain length chemical profile of MCTs allow them to passively and directly diffuse across the gastrointestinal tract.” [1]

In other words, our MCT-backed oil allows CBD to better permeate cell walls in the GI tract — exactly where the powerful plant compound is needed most. Scientists call it intestinal lymphatic transport

The result of this improved transport? MCT’s “ultimately allow for much quicker absorption and utilization” of essential nutrients, according to the linked study above. When infused into MCT oil, cannabinoids like CBD are absorbed both faster and more fully than they would be with anything else. MCT oil may allow CBD’s delicate terpene component to be better absorbed, too. 

Another benefit of using MCT oil as a carrier? It’s energy-promoting in and of itself! Interviewing dietician Kelly Schmidt, reports: MCT oil increases energy, endurance, metabolism, satiety and brain function, especially when compared to other forms of fat, including olive oil.” Some studies even demonstrate that MCT oil can improve athletic performance. [2]

The Freshest, Purest Option

Finally, our use of MCT oil ensures total product freshness. While olive oil is volatile enough to degrade when exposed to heat or even sunlight (which is why it often comes in a dark container), not so with MCT’s. Further, olive oil is often poorly produced, having been sourced as a ‘waste product’ from unregulated, massive-scale farms overseas. 

A recent study looking at several different brands of CBD oils found that only one of them — the one made with MCT’s — wasn’t molecularly broken down. “This kind of matrix is less susceptible to oxidative degradation than the olive or hemp seed oils,” scientists concluded. [3]

The Simple Choice For Your Pet

Your furry friend can benefit from CBD in many of the same ways that you do. They also have a specialized endocannabinoid system, after all. 

But your pet differs from you in other ways. For one, they’re likely to be more sensitive to cannabinoids like THC. Courtesy of their lower bodyweight, pets also require less CBD than we humans do.

It’s with these subtle (but important!) differences in mind that we formulated our CBD Oil for Dogs. It derives its strength from 99% pure, crystalline CBD isolate, which is then diluted to 8 milligrams/serving to account for your pet’s lighter weight. 

And while our human-specific blends contain MCT oil, CBD Oil for Dogs is different. It utilizes an oil renowned for its antioxidant content and perfect omega 3 to omega 6 ratio: hempseed oil

This oil, which is gently pressed from unsprouted hemp seeds, is practically perfect for a dog’s nutrient demands. It’s rich in vitamin E and loaded with trace fats like oleic acid and GLA. Hempseed oil is moisturizing for your pet’s coat and skin, and may even help reduce shedding!

As if that weren’t enough, CBD Oil for Dogs comes complete with a fully natural, delicious bacon or chicken flavor to ensure that taking CBD is the pleasant experience it should be. Virtually every aspect of this blend has been intentionally optimized for your pet’s health. 

If you’re ready to experience the best that CBD has to offer, consider Kentucky Crafted. We believe CBD products are worth doing right — all the way down to ensuring that it’s placed into the perfect carrier oil.